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How do I access my e-mail via the 'Webmail' interface?

Add "/webmail" to your domain name. e.g. http://YourDomain.com/webmail/. Login with teh full email address and the email password you have set for each email account.

Outlook, Eudora, and Other POP E-Mail Programs:

The basic settings for these should be:
Mail Server:  YourDomain.com  or  mail.YourDomain.com
SMTP:    YourDomain.com  or  mail.YourDomain.com
...whereby 'YourDomain.com' stands as a placeholder for your actual domain name
Username:  <Your e-mail username for this e-mail account>

Password:  <Your e-mail password for this e-mail account>

I can't login to the POP or SMTP servers to send/retrieve my email.

Make sure you specified the correct POP3 and SMTP servers in your email settings, and that your user ID (or alias) and password are correct. Your POP3 and SMTP servers should be set to mail.yourdomain.com. If this doesn't work, try it without the "mail." prefix -- just your domain name. Also, sometimes problems occur if you use the same password for more than one e-mail account (this was at least the case in older versions of the Plesk server interface, not sure if this is still a problem.) If nothing helps, try resetting the e-mail accounts ... delete and re-establish them.

Another possibility if these settings do not work for you (from the beginning): the ISP you use to connect to the Internet has most likely blocked Port 25, so you cannot use your own mail server for OUTGOING mail (SMTP) while connected via their network. Some of the ISPs who do this are Earthlink/Mindspring, AOL, USA-Starnet, and MSN. Microsoft, for example, gives an explanation (as regards to their own blocking) and solution:
The solution is to use your ISP's SMTP settings for outgoing mail (in the case of MSN this is 'smtp.email.msn.com'). BUT MAKE SURE TO KEEP YOUR DOMAIN AS THE MAIL SERVER FOR INCOMING MAIL!

I get a 'password' error when trying to retrieve my email.

Make sure you either typed it in correctly or specified it in your settings.



My customers cannot login at the domain level to the Plesk control panel, but I can login well to the client's accounts (= reseller level). What's wrong?

(a) Make sure you have enabled "domain owner" access in the DOMAIN USER for the domain your customer is trying to access.
(b) Make sure your customer uses the domain name as his/her username/login when logging in (e.g. "yourdomain.com"), and not the FTP or FrontPage username.
(c) Make sure there is no typo in the password -- which is CaSe sensitive!



When I upload my website, I still receive the default placeholder page.

Make sure you have uploaded to the correct /httpdocs/ folder (and not any other folder). In 99% of all cases the misplacing of files is the problem. If you have confirmed that your website was uploaded to the correct /httpdocs/ folder, then check to see if the default placeholder page (index.html) is still in place. If so, you need to either remove or overwrite it.



When I publish my site, none of the FrontPage extensions work.

Be sure you publish your site using the FrontPage Web Publisher. Regular FTP programs tend to corrupt the FrontPage extensions.

When I publish with FrontPage98, it places the files into the wrong directory, the root directory of myaccount.

We have encountered this problem on several occasions, and it has been traced to a problem with the way FrontPage searches for the root web and publishes files under certain configurations. The only solution is to upgrade to FrontPage2002 or 2003, which will solve the problem completely.

I get an error message when trying to publish to my domain account with FrontPage.

Make sure you did not set up your domain name with capital letters -- e.g., NOT "YourDomain.com" but "yourdomain.com". FrontPage has a bug that creates problems when the domain name includes captial letters. You may of course use any FTP program to publish your Website. ... Make sure you connect to http://www.yourdomain.com and not to http://www.yourdomain.com/httpdocs (the "httpdocs" directory is the default anyway). Make sure you have the www. prefix in the domain name.



I enabled SSL for my site, but I cannot access the site via https?

A good majority of the time this problem arises because the customer enables SSL, but does not generate a certificate. Please note that you can use SSL with the pre-installed Plesk certificate, but you will get a warning message when accessing a page in your httpdocs folder that the cert does not belong to this domain (SSl is still functional, though). If this is the problem, have the domain user go to SSL settings and generate a self-signed certificate and then buy a certificate from GeoTrust or a smilar provider. However, please note that in order to do so, this domain needs to be IP based rather than name based. You can purchase IPs from us for a monthly fee of $1.80.

I transfered my SSL Certificate from an NT Server to a Plesk Server, why won't it work?

Unfortunately, if the customer was not running apache on his/her NT box then he/she was most likely not issued an apache-ssl based certificates and will need to repurchase the SSL certificate.



My customer transfered his site from an NT server and now some of his PHP scripts won't work.

This is a Linux server. Microsoft's PHP version is not identical with "Apache-PHP", and many scripts that worked on an NT server won't work here. They would have to be rewritten.